Saturday, March 28, 2015

18" doll clothes tutorial round-up

Tutorials for 18" doll clothes on nest full of eggs
Here is a quick round-up of my tutorials for 18" doll clothes. Enjoy!

  1. 18" doll skirt (which is reversible)
  2. Lazy Days Skirt (ribbon hemmed elastic waist skirt)
  3. Newborn onesies to nightgowns and t-shirts
  4. No-sew tutu
  5. Petticoat
  6. Chiffon bubble skirt
  7. Lace and tulle skirt
  8. Sequin skirt
  9. Layered trim skirt
  10. Doily circle skirt
Happy doll clothes sewing!

PS I forgot to add the No-sew dresses