Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sailor Button Dress

Sailor Button Dress by nestfullofeggs

I'm excited to be a part of the February Free for All that's being hosted by Ashley and Emily over at Frances Suzanne.  It's where you take a free pattern and flip it. How fun!

So today I'm talking all about my free pattern and tutorial called the Purple Rose Party Dress (and the various ways I've flipped it). It was something I dreamed up and put together almost three years ago already. It is a sleeveless drop waist dress with a circle skirt. The sash which is attached at the sides of the bodice ties in the front. Bias tape is used for the hem of the circle skirt as well as the trim on the two arm holes and neckline. It has a v-neck back with an invisible zipper and hook and eye closure. The pattern pieces are in size 4.

Purple Rose Party Dress by nestfullofeggs
 Then I started playing around with the pattern and made the Striped Dress...
Striped Dress by nestfullofeggs
 ...and the Plaid Dress...
Plaid Dress by nestfullofeggs
 ...and the Color Wheel Dress.
Color Wheel Dress by nestfullofeggs
 I came across this image of a pink and gray sailor-like dress somewhere on the internet (if anyone knows where the source of this image came from, please let me know) and thought I could use the Purple Rose Party Dress pattern to make something very similar.
inspirational image
 And that is how this Sailor Button Dress came about. Only a couple of simple changes were needed. Instead of the circle skirt I did a rectangular gathered skirt. I took two rectangles of gray fabric that were 12 inches by 29.5 inches (and sewed them together on the sides with half inch seam allowances) and made teeny tiny pleats that I basted before attaching the skirt to the bodice. At the bottom of the skirt I folded over a half inch then again a half inch to create the hem. I bought some of this awesome shiny gold leather and cut three pieces that are approximately one inch by four inches and attached them to the front of the bodice with gold buttons. Voila! I'm really pleased with the result.
Sailor Button Dress by nestfullofeggs
shiny gold leather
 Be sure to visit Frances Suzanne to see all of the other Free for All goodness happening the next couple of weeks.