Friday, January 29, 2010

2009 craft books

i thought it was high time to host a 2009 craft books month over here ---- all during the month of February i'll be posting about my favorite 2009 craft books & what i created from them. 20 crafty books... knitting & sewing & paper crafting, oh my ! some books you already know & maybe some you've never heard of. i did meet 2 of the authors, which 2 authors did i meet? come back & see !

so what were your favorite craft books from 2009? & what did you make from them? would love to hear...

have a great weekend ! see you on Monday !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

vintage thingy thursday

some vintage treasures to share... how fabulous are these 3 deer !?! from the 1950's !! at $15, i really should go back & bring them home !

i've never seen a Dualflex IV in real life before & look how great it looks with the flash !

such lovely buttons, the packaging itself is eye candy !

such a lovely blue & yellow tea towel, i want to go back to get it for a future craft project...

such a sweet sheep mold ! think Easter...

Monday, January 11, 2010

TtV :: mourning girl

(TtV photo taken through an Argus 75)

we had a funeral to go to... my mother passed away & my 2 year old daughter didn't have a black dress, so i decided to sew her this dress...

i had just gotten this book: Absolutely A-Line by Wendi Gratz & decided i would use it for her black dress. i bought thick black corduroy & lining fabric & sewed a size 3 dress (the smallest size pattern in the book). my daughter even helped a little - she helped with the pins & i sewed this dress using the sewing machine & sewing table that my mother gave me... these are memories... it was therapeutic, i'm sure you know what i mean --- crafting & creating to help you get through difficult times...