Friday, April 29, 2011

Gramma Wolfie

 when i left a comment over here, i had no idea i would be the fortunate recipient of this Gramma & Wolfie doll !
 Larissa @ mmmcrafts created this two-faced doll... it's very well made & i am amazed by her attention to detail ~ my favorite part is the turn aroundable collar which was made from a fabric doily !
 we hope we are providing a good home...
& feeding it often :)

thanks for checking in and have a lovely day !

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Double Trouble

 so happy to share this news !

i'm honored to be included in Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Scarves

thanks so much for including my project, Lark Crafts
 my project is called 'double trouble' ~ a girl's skirt (the only children's wear in the whole book)

Lark Crafts made my skirts look so pretty & couldn't have picked more adorable models (aren't the twin sisters Morghyan & Lorya super cute!?!  right down to their light blue painted toe nails!)
you know how much of a craft book junkie i am and this one surely doesn't disappoint !  be sure to check out all the 30 (luxurious & high quality) projects from 22 different designers (some of which are featured here)

enjoy !

PS Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose Scarves by Nathalie Mornu is available here & here