Thursday, June 17, 2010

beach blanket

the beach blanket is done !

i used some vintage sheets that i bought & a couple that i got in a vintage swap

plus several fat quarters that i got in a vintage sheet patchwork swap

this was my inspiration ~ i decided to make mine 4 fat quarters by 4 fat quarters. i had never made a quilt before, lots of tips & tricks were found here, here, here, here, & here
(for the batting i used bamboo batting)
it turned out HUGE (about 6 ft by 7 ft)

come with me to the beach...

i repurposed a vintage chenille bedspread (that i got from my mom) for the backing

summer is served :)

hope you have a sunny day !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

summer ideas house

{this is not my house}

remember the Bachman's spring ideas house? well, these photos were taken at the summer ideas house which is til June 13... again Ki Nassauer was the vintage consultant

in the front porch, mailbox planters

also in the front porch, repurposed wood workers table as a painters table

in the living room, bike used as wall decoration over the mantel & garden fountain inside fireplace hearth

also in living room, baker's rack display/storage unit

in the dining room, bike wheels turned into wall decorations with vases

also in the dining room, croquet napkin holder

in the kitchen, croquet mallet curtain rod

girl's bedroom, lampshade carcass turned into bed canopy

girl's bedroom, cheese grated wall vases

girl's bedroom, mesh ironing boards turned into wall organizers

girl's bedroom, fireplace mantel turned into the top of a dresser with mirror

boy's bedroom, boat bed

master bedroom, headboard made from salvaged architectural pieces

home office, desk made from doors

home office, muffin tin used for office supply storage

out back in the potting shed, seed packages hung by clothespins on a repurposed shutter

& gorgeous pink roses in the back yard

PS fall idea house will be: 9/16-26 & 10/7-10, holiday idea house will be 11/11-12/5