Friday, February 26, 2010

day 20 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric! by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins

this is another fun post for me because i got to meet one of the authors, that's Rebecca Yaker in the above photo standing next to her famous sock monkey dress ! isn't she cute !?! she's also got a really great sense of humor !

One-Yard Wonders contains 101 sewing projects that only require one yard of fabric, what a great concept ! when you think about it most fabrics cost under $10 a yard, so here you have a book full of projects that you can create each costing at most $10 to make... what a deal ! be sure to check out the One Yard Wonders flickr group.

i met Rebecca at the No Coast Craft-o-rama & she signed my book :)

so far from this book i've sewn the strapless bandeau shorty jumper for C --- i sewed it out of some new fabric that i came across recently & this project was relatively quick & simple (oh, how i love quick & simple!) i think this will make a perfect beach cover-up for this summer...

well, that ends my month long blogging about 2009 craft books, i had fun sharing some of my favorite crafty type books from 2009 & what i created from them --- although i didn't finish making everything that i wanted to from these books, so i will probably blog about a few more 2009 craft book creations in the future...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

day 19 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: Itty-Bitty Toys: How to Knit Animals, Dolls, and Other Playthings for Kids by Susan B. Anderson

Itty-Bitty Toys contains 27 knitting patterns including 5 reversible toys. i wanted to be sure to mention that the lamb pattern is available for free on the internet, so be sure to check that out...

this is a super fun post because i got to meet the author ! Susan came into town for a book signing & she signed my book... that's Susan sitting behind the table in the above photo --- isn't she cute? she's also friendly & down to earth & not to mention a very talented knitting pattern writer ! this is her 3rd book, by the way, i really enjoy the way she writes her knitting patterns, the step-by-step directions are always very clear... anyway, back to that 1st photo... every single knitted item photographed in Itty-Bitty Toys was on this table, it was nice to be able to see how all the toys compared in size, also to be able to touch them, i think you really have to watch the reversible toys being reversed to see how amazing they are...

so far from this book, i've knitted the hippo (although i used worsted weight yarn instead of doubling sock yarn) the purple hippo was a big hit ! it's a great pattern & makes such a unique toy (you don't see too many hippo knitting patterns out there).

the other project i knitted so far from this book is one of the reversible toys: the Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest, Too

actually, i knitted a robin's egg --- from natural wool yarn that i dyed with blue Kool-Aid to make it robin's egg blue :)

OK, now this is the really fun part, watch this... turn the egg upside down & see that the eggs tranforms into a bird. here you can see the bird cracking it's beak & head through the egg shell...

it's a Robin ! the first sign of Spring (does this mean Spring is right around the corner?) since i knitted a Robin, i made it orange breasted...

also i used a bulkier yarn for the nest, so i only cast on 40 instead of 60 & for the decrease rows i skipped of few knit rows. it made for a smaller nest, doesn't the Robin look all nice & cozy & snug in her nest ?

this little robin/egg/nest will be an Easter gift/decoration, so this is probably what it will look like Easter Sunday morning on the table with the 3 paper nest bowls/Easter baskets filled with goodies in the background. oh, how i love all things Spring !!!

see you tomorrow for day 20 (the last day of 2009 craft books month) !

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

day 18 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art by Jennie Hinchliff & Carolee Gilligan Wheeler

be sure to check out the Make Every Day a Good Mail Day blog

this book is filled with many ideas & techniques so you can make pieces of art to send through the mail

here's an idea i took from the book, using the envelope template from the back of the book, i cut out water color paper & water color painted a rainbow... leaving the white cloud blank, so a can later add who it is to...

another idea i used from the book was stenciling --- by using a paper doily & sponging with rubber stamp ink, lovely results !

see you tomorrow for day 19 !

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

day 17 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: Silhouettes: Contemporary Paper Cutting Projects by Sharyn Sowell

this book includes 22 decorative ideas using silhouettes, from Christmas tree ornaments to napkin rings...

bird designs were cut out of self-adhesive vinyl & put on glass for use in a bathroom.

using my digital camera i took a profile photo of my son & cut that image out of black cardstock & framed it... it's a relatively quick & easy project.

see you tomorrow for day 18 !

Monday, February 22, 2010

day 16 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: Fairy Tale Knits: 32 Projects to Knit Happily Ever After by Alison Stewart-Guinee

in this book you will find 32 whimsical patterns for children sizes 12 months - 8 years... kids will love to wear these knits for everyday play or school !

here is the Modern Chain Maille boy sweater that i knit for my 2nd son, it was a hit ! the pattern is all seamless !!! oh, how i love knitting seamless !

& when my older son saw this sweater, he said he wanted one, too !

i have now realized that i need to be prepared as when i make something for one of my children, a sibling might ask for one, too !

see you tomorrow for day 17 !

PS FYI: check out the crochet chainmail hood --- i didn't make it, i need to work on my crochet skills before i can crochet something like that :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

day 15 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: Absolutely A-Line: 1 Easy Pattern = 26 Adorable Dresses for Girls by Wendi Gratz

i already sewed C a black corduroy dress using this book, the full pattern is included with the book & the dresses are sizes 3-8 years. the whole concept of the book is a fabulous idea ! just from one simple dress pattern, so many variations can be made... any dress sewn from this book could be added to the Lark Books Textiles & Fabric Arts flickr group.

there are a couple of more dresses i'd like to sew from this book, including the one in the above photo which is called the Candy Stripes dress. i also want to sew the Double Duty dress which is a reversible dress, but unfortunately i don't have a photo of that one to share.

i wanted to sew this Summer Sweetness dress...

& here is C wearing the one i sewed her, i made it with linen & put some lovely crochet lace trim for the empire waist which is gathered by the use of brown ribbon elastic.

this will be her Easter dress this year

see you on Monday for day 16, have a great weekend !

Thursday, February 18, 2010

day 14 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: more honorable mentions

i didn't have the time to make anything from these 2 books yet, but would love to some day...

Reversible Knitting: 50 Brand-New, Groundbreaking Stitch Patterns by Lynne Barr --- this book is amazing ! 50 new stitch patterns that are also reversible - making 100 different looks, in addition to that the book contains 20 projects...

i would love to knit & wear this folded mini dress some day...

& i'd also love to knit & wear these double-wrap stockings, too...

Eco Books: Inventive Projects from the Recycling Bin by Terry Taylor --- 40 clever ideas of what to make books out of, now you can use all those egg cartons, cassette tapes, you've been saving...

this plein air sketchbook is on my list of things to make...

see you tomorrow for day 15 !

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

day 13 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: Home, Paper, Scissors: Decorative Paper Accessories for the Home by Patricia Zapata

looking through this book it can be hard to believe that everything is made out of paper... many fun paper crafting projects that are so pretty, sleek, modern... be sure to check out Patricia Zapata's A Little Hut blog & Home, Paper, Scissors flickr group.

here's a wip photo of the bird's nest bowls that i made (that's the project photographed on the cover of the book)

shredded cardstock turned into a nest bowl - i love it !!!

pink, white, & blue --- i made all 3 the same size

i plan to use them for Easter...

see you tomorrow for day 14 !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

day 12 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: Sew Liberated: 20 Stylish Projects for the Modern Sewist by Meg McElwee

be sure to check out Meg McElwee's Sew Liberated blog & Sew Liberated flickr group.

happy to see some curtains, as i need to sew some curtains (always looking for curtain ideas!)

i enjoyed the children's clothing patterns, so i was pleased to learn that Meg's 2nd book is just on children's clothing --- look forward to seeing that book when it comes out :)

from this book i sewed the blossom blouse...

it was made with some pink vintage linen, in size 2/3 years, it fits perfect ! love the little elastic detail on the sleeves...

see you tomorrow for day 13 !

Monday, February 15, 2010

day 11 :: 2009 craft books

2009 craft books :: honorable mentions

here are 5 books that i didn't make anything from... these are more reference or technique type books, but i for sure wanted to mention them...

The Sewing Book by Alison Smith shows photographed step-by-steps of many many sewing techniques (i've always enjoyed how well photographed DK books are).

Bend the Rules with Fabric: Fun Sewing Projects with Stencils, Stamps, Dye, Photo Transfers, Silk Screening, and More by Amy Karol, be sure to check out the author's Angry Chicken blog & Bend the Rules with Fabric flickr group.

Fabricate: 17 Innovative Sewing Projects that Make Fabric the Star by Susan Wasinger.

Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified by Cal Patch.

Perfectly Fitted: Creating Personalized Patterns for a Limitless Wardrobe by Lynne Garner.

See you tomorrow for day 12 !