Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 Lazy Days Skirts

 More skirts for Skirting the Issue... this time around it's 5 Lazy Days Skirts, a free tutorial (no pattern required) by Oliver+S. The Lazy Days Skirt & it's tutorial are great, but then again everything by Oliver+S is great ! 

So here's the scoop about each skirt...

The above skirt: Raspberry pink floral with white trim
the fabric: Heidi Grace Designs from JoAnn Fabrics (I had 14.5" left of this fabric after sewing the aprons)
the ribbon: 1 inch wide white grosgrain
size: girls 4-6

 Christmas tree skirt (to me it looks like multi-colored Christmas lights on trees & also the green & red colors remind me of Christmas)
the fabric: I had 14" of this one, I believe it is Heidi Grace Designs, it came from JoAnn Fabrics
the ribbon: 5/8 inch wide red grosgrain ribbon
size: girls 4-6

 Lemon skirt (I sewed my daughter one over 2 years ago)
the fabric: "juicy" by The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection, from JoAnn Fabrics
the ribbon: 5/8 inch wide yellow & orange floral vintage ribbon (I have a ton of it)
size: girls 4-6

 Blue skirt with trees
the fabric: Heidi Grace Designs from JoAnn Fabrics (having 17.5" of this one I was able to make a larger size which I was happy about because they are in need of larger sizes)
the ribbon: 3/8 inch wide blue grosgrain
size: girls 7-8 ~ sorry no one around here that size to model it :)

 Brown with white polka dots
the fabric: Dumb Dot by Michael Miller (NOT bought at JoAnn Fabrics), 5/8 yard & I was thrilled to have so much of this one so I could make a teen size because they are really in need of teen skirts
the ribbon: 5/8 inch wide turquoise & brown striped grosgrain
size: girls 16
many thanks to my 4 year old daughter who used my camera (on a tripod) to take this photo of me modeling the skirt :)

So I came to the conclusion after looking at these photos that I think I prefer the wider ribbon trim... minimum 5/8", but I think 1" is even better... OK, I'm off to sew more (different) skirts...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Altered Couture Fall 2012

Many thanks to Altered Couture magazine for publishing the octopus hoodie I sewed for my octopus-loving son in their Aug/Sept/Oct 2012 issue. In the 5 page spread (pages 119-123) there are 16 of my photos that show step-by-step how I created it, including all the tools & materials needed, complete instructions, as well as some helpful tips. I'm thrilled to be included among many wonderful artists with fabulous projects !

Take care, everyone !!  :o)

PS Altered Couture magazine is available for purchase at JoAnn, Michaels, Barnes & Nobles stores... it's also available through subscription.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Farm Skirt Tutorial

 A trip to the farm just wouldn't be complete without a farm skirt, right !?!

Here's a tutorial on how to sew this farm skirt which was inspired by a 1970's prairie/peasant style denim skirt.

Farm Skirt (size 4-6)

Supplies needed:
:: 3/4 yard chambray
:: 21 inches 2 inch wide black elastic (or child's waist measurement plus 1 inch)
:: white thread
:: black thread
 Step-by-step instructions:
:: Cut the fabric into 3 pieces:
top piece: 7" X 25"
middle piece: 7" X 35"
bottom piece: 13" X 45"
 :: Fold bottom piece in half
 :: Press with iron
 :: Start with the white thread, gather at the top (which is where the 2 edges meet). I used my favorite gathering method which is zigzag over cording, but you can use your favorite gathering method. For zigzag over cording I used white cording I bought at Michael's, set my sewing machine to zigzag stitch, with the widest & longest stitch settings. Zigzag stitch with 1/4" seam (all seams allowances throughout are 1/2", so zigzag stitching at 1/4" won't get in the way)
 :: Gather the bottom piece which is 45" to match the 35" of the middle piece
 :: Pin together the bottom piece to the middle piece & sew together with 1/2" seam
 :: Pull cording out
:: Press seam with iron
 :: Topstitch seam
 :: Repeat the gathering at the top of the middle piece & attach it to the top piece, also press seam with iron & topstitch
:: Now that all 3 pieces are sewn together, fold in half with right sides together & sew together down the side (which will become the back seam) with 1/2" seam
:: Press seam open with iron
:: Switch to the black thread
:: Take the black elastic, fold in half & sew 1/2" seam, open seam & sew down both sides of the seam
 :: Attach the black elastic to the top of the skirt. I tucked under 1/2" of fabric under the elastic. I pinned it in 4 places, equidistant, I started by matching the elastic seam with the back seam of the skirt. I stretched the elastic slightly while sewing along at 1/4" away from the elastic edge (for the elastic waistband this is a great tutorial)
 You are done !

Have a great day on the farm !

PS this is another skirt being donated to the Skirting the Issue event ~ if you don't know what that's all about, be sure to check it out !

Thursday, July 12, 2012

French Flag Skirt

 This skirt was inspired by Batille day (the French national holiday July 14th) & the French flag, thus the bleu, blanc, et rouge colors.

I sewed it following this layered skirt tutorial, using blue broadcloth, white seersucker, & red broadcloth. Simple in design & easy to follow tutorial, just a little tedious & time consuming.

Happy Bastille day !

PS This skirt will be donated to Skirting the Issue which has motivated me, by the way, to get some skirt sewing done. This French flag skirt has been on my mind for a few months, for example, so it was nice to finally make one... more skirts for Skirting the Issue coming up this next month...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sew in Tune

I have an exciting announcement today... I was asked to guest post for a new sewing series with a musical twist. It's called Sew in Tune & will consist of sewing projects for boys inspired by songs ~ should be fun !

Sew in Tune will be hosted by Melly Sews (from Project Run & Play season 4) & Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy! and will run July 23rd through August 17th.

I'll be sewing something for my recently turned 9 year old son. That will be set for Monday August 6th, over at Melly Sews :)

Happy Monday everyone !

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Le Tricolore Timbré

 Celebrate Bastille day (the French national holiday July 14th) by making a France shaped French flag with a collage of French postage stamps.

Supplies needed:
:: a square of thick white paper (I used a 12 inch X 12 inch piece of white card stock)
:: pencil
:: image of France
:: ruler
:: French postage stamps in blue and red
:: glue
:: black marker
Fêtez la révolution en faisant le drapeau tricolore timbré.

Il faut:
:: un carré de papier blanc
:: crayon gris
:: image de France
:: règle
:: timbres bleus et rouges
:: colle
:: marqueur noir
 First take the image of France & using it as a guide draw a France shape on your piece of paper using a pencil.
Tracez une carte de France (par exemple, en utilisant l'image ci-dessus) sur un papier avec le crayon.
 Take a ruler, make 2 vertical lines to divide your France drawing into thirds.
Avec la règle, faite 2 lignes verticales, divisant la France en 3 parts à peu près égales.
Gather blue & red postage stamps. With glue, attach blue postage stamps to the first section, leave the second section white, & attach red postage stamps to the third section.

With a black marker, draw over the pencil lines on the France borders of the white section.

Happy Bastille Day !!!
Replissez les tiers de gauche et de droite avec les timbres bleus et rouges respectivement, les attachant avec la colle.

Tracez le contour de la section du milieu de la carte avec la marqueur noir.

Vive la révolution !!!