Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 Lazy Days Skirts

 More skirts for Skirting the Issue... this time around it's 5 Lazy Days Skirts, a free tutorial (no pattern required) by Oliver+S. The Lazy Days Skirt & it's tutorial are great, but then again everything by Oliver+S is great ! 

So here's the scoop about each skirt...

The above skirt: Raspberry pink floral with white trim
the fabric: Heidi Grace Designs from JoAnn Fabrics (I had 14.5" left of this fabric after sewing the aprons)
the ribbon: 1 inch wide white grosgrain
size: girls 4-6

 Christmas tree skirt (to me it looks like multi-colored Christmas lights on trees & also the green & red colors remind me of Christmas)
the fabric: I had 14" of this one, I believe it is Heidi Grace Designs, it came from JoAnn Fabrics
the ribbon: 5/8 inch wide red grosgrain ribbon
size: girls 4-6

 Lemon skirt (I sewed my daughter one over 2 years ago)
the fabric: "juicy" by The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection, from JoAnn Fabrics
the ribbon: 5/8 inch wide yellow & orange floral vintage ribbon (I have a ton of it)
size: girls 4-6

 Blue skirt with trees
the fabric: Heidi Grace Designs from JoAnn Fabrics (having 17.5" of this one I was able to make a larger size which I was happy about because they are in need of larger sizes)
the ribbon: 3/8 inch wide blue grosgrain
size: girls 7-8 ~ sorry no one around here that size to model it :)

 Brown with white polka dots
the fabric: Dumb Dot by Michael Miller (NOT bought at JoAnn Fabrics), 5/8 yard & I was thrilled to have so much of this one so I could make a teen size because they are really in need of teen skirts
the ribbon: 5/8 inch wide turquoise & brown striped grosgrain
size: girls 16
many thanks to my 4 year old daughter who used my camera (on a tripod) to take this photo of me modeling the skirt :)

So I came to the conclusion after looking at these photos that I think I prefer the wider ribbon trim... minimum 5/8", but I think 1" is even better... OK, I'm off to sew more (different) skirts...