Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Mode

at the beach nest full of eggs
School is out! So things around here at the nest full of eggs blog will be changing to summer mode, as in light blogging. I should be popping in here at least a couple of times per month though.

You will however find me contributing frequently over at the Oliver + S blog. I do hope you will come over there to visit.
Contributor to the Oliver + S Blog

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flip This Pattern Year 2

Flip This Pattern Summer 2014
Before the end of Flip This Pattern Year 1 ended, I begged the ladies at Frances Suzanne to do another year. And guess what? They decided to! And Flip This Pattern Year 2 is already going on. I'm scheduled to do an introduction for the Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom at the beginning of August. Should be fun! If you enjoy sewing clothing for children you should really join in on the fun. Each month there is a different pattern, plus there are prizes and surprises, too!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Crafty Planet

Crafty Planet in Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Yesterday I shared with you a trip to SRHarris. Today I'm sharing a trip to Crafty Planet which is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Crafty Planet in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Crafty Planet

Crafty Planet

Crafty Planet

Crafty Planet
 On this particular visit they were hosting the Little One-Yard Wonders book release party.
Little One-Yard Wonders book release party
 The party included a trunk show of all the 101 projects featured in the book.
Little One-Yard Wonders book release party
 It was fun to see them all up close and in person.
Little One-Yard Wonders book release party
 Including my Mushroom Tea Party (picnic tablecloth, play mat) project.
Mushroom Tea Party, Little One-Yard Wonders book release party

Contributors to Little One-Yard Wonders
 Several contributors to the book were there including, me, Pam, Lorraine, and Rachael.
Contributors and authors of Little One-Yard Wonders
 This is me with the 2 co-authors, Trish and Rebecca. As you can see we planned months in advance to coordinate our outfits of black, white stripes, and gray! Just kidding!
Little One-Yard Wonders book release party
 And here I am holding Katy's Fun in the Sun(dress) project, standing in front of Lorraine's House in a Hallway project.
Crafty Planet, Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Crafty Planet is the place to go to find designer quilting cottons.
Crafty Planet, Minneapolis, Minnesota
 As well as trims, thread, & buttons.
Fabric bought at Crafty Planet, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I left the store with one yard of Paint by Number Deer from Erin Michael's Lush Uptown line and 2 yards of Aqua Salt Water Octo Garden.

By the way, you still have time to enter the Little One-Yard Wonders book giveaway, it ends Wednesday June 11th at 9:00 PM CST time.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


This photo of SRHarris was taken a different time of year, there actually are finally green leaves on the trees here now.
 If you are ever in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota you really must make a stop at SRHarris for fabric shopping. It's a 30,000 square foot warehouse with over 20 aisles of fabrics. All regularly priced fabric is 50% off! Here's a quick photo tour...
SRHarris neoprene for $6/yard
Neoprene for $6/yard

Outdoor fabrics

SRHarris Camouflage and bottomweights
Camouflage and bottomweights

SRHarris Bottomweights and cottons
Bottomweights and cottons

SRHarris Silks

SRHarris Wools

SRHarris Fashion fabrics
Fashion fabrics

SRHarris fleece

SRHarris more fleece
More fleece

SRHarris Laminates and cottons
Laminates and quilting cottons

SRHarris Trims

SRHarris cottons and gauze
Solid cottons and gauze

SRHarris remnants

SRHarris Fabric Shopping Day
 This particular fabric shopping trip was done in a group. Several of us met up and here we all are in the knits aisle. That's me, Stacy, Cheryl, Rebecca, Amy, Rachel, and Donna.
SRHarris purchases
At SRHarris you take your fabrics to their large cutting tables, measure and cut your fabrics yourself. Then put an orange sticker on it with the amount and price. And you have to return your fabrics back to where they belong, so you cannot forget where you found them. From this trip I took home pink floral laminate, solid cottons, 4-6 inch zippers, thread, elastic and buttons.

Thanks for the super fun fabric shopping day ladies!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Little One-Yard Wonders Book Giveaway!

  ETA: The winner is Ana!
Yesterday I received a special package at my door step. The new Little One-Yard Wonders book arrived! I'm tickled pink because you can find me within its many fantastic pages. My Mushroom Tea Party is featured beautifully, thank you Little One-Yard Wonders!
Mushroom Tea Party designed by Rachel Le Grand photo taken by Julie Toy
Photo taken by Julie Toy
Between the covers of this book you will find 101 sewing projects to make for newborns through tweens, as well as parents of children. You'll find projects for the nursery, bath time, bedtime, home, kitchen, tops, pants, skirts, dresses, rompers, accessories, tactile play, dolls, plushies, imaginative play, games, hobbies, on the go, moms, and dads. Each project only uses up to a yard of fabric!
Mushroom Tea Party designed by Rachel Le Grand photo taken by Mars Vilaubi
Photo taken by Mars Vilaubi
I have some exciting news for you today. Storey Publishing is giving away one copy of Little One-Yard Wonders to nest full of eggs readers! 
  • This giveaway is limited to US mailing addresses only
  • To enter the giveaway, please leave an answer in the comment section to the following question: what children do you sew for? Your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or those of good friends?
  • The giveaway is open until Wednesday June 11th 9:00 PM (CST). 
  • I will pick a winner and Storey Publishing will mail you the book.
Thank you for taking the time to visit here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BurdaStyle Magazine

BurdaStyle Magazine Summer 2014
 Many thanks to BurdaStyle for publishing my vintage button storage idea in their Summer 2014 issue.
What organizing tip are you most proud of in your sewing space?
 The question was: "What organizing tip are you most proud of in your sewing room?"
button storage on large safety pin by nest full of eggs
 I shared my tip for storing similar buttons by placing them on a large safety pin, then closing it.
button storage on large safety pins by nest full of eggs
 Then I keep the buttons that are all the same color in one jar.
button storage on large safety pins, all same color buttons in one jar by nest full of eggs
By the way, the rest of the magazine looks fabulous, have a peek inside here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Double Layered Chevron Circle Skirt Tutorial

Double Layered Chevron Circle Skirt Tutorial for Sew, Mama, Sew by nest full of eggs

Long time no see. Just a quick announcement today to let you know that I am visiting Sew, Mama, Sew today. I'm over there sharing my Double Layered Chevron Circle Skirt Tutorial. It's from my Striped Dress, but just the skirt instead of the full dress. Enjoy!