Sunday, June 8, 2014


This photo of SRHarris was taken a different time of year, there actually are finally green leaves on the trees here now.
 If you are ever in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota you really must make a stop at SRHarris for fabric shopping. It's a 30,000 square foot warehouse with over 20 aisles of fabrics. All regularly priced fabric is 50% off! Here's a quick photo tour...
SRHarris neoprene for $6/yard
Neoprene for $6/yard

Outdoor fabrics

SRHarris Camouflage and bottomweights
Camouflage and bottomweights

SRHarris Bottomweights and cottons
Bottomweights and cottons

SRHarris Silks

SRHarris Wools

SRHarris Fashion fabrics
Fashion fabrics

SRHarris fleece

SRHarris more fleece
More fleece

SRHarris Laminates and cottons
Laminates and quilting cottons

SRHarris Trims

SRHarris cottons and gauze
Solid cottons and gauze

SRHarris remnants

SRHarris Fabric Shopping Day
 This particular fabric shopping trip was done in a group. Several of us met up and here we all are in the knits aisle. That's me, Stacy, Cheryl, Rebecca, Amy, Rachel, and Donna.
SRHarris purchases
At SRHarris you take your fabrics to their large cutting tables, measure and cut your fabrics yourself. Then put an orange sticker on it with the amount and price. And you have to return your fabrics back to where they belong, so you cannot forget where you found them. From this trip I took home pink floral laminate, solid cottons, 4-6 inch zippers, thread, elastic and buttons.

Thanks for the super fun fabric shopping day ladies!!!