Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GF :: day 6

this is my gluten-free life

this is couscous garni....

except it's made with quinoa in place of couscous

this one was made with lamb, can of chick peas, turnips, carrots, can of tomatoes, raisins... for recipes do an internet search for 'couscous garni'

Gorilla Munch chicken nuggets & mustard honey dip

we had something very similar to this at a restaurant maybe 15 years ago ! we used to make it with Captain Crunch cereal, then when be discovered GF Gorilla Munch cereal we started making it with Gorilla Munch

Gorilla Munch chicken nuggets:
4 chicken breast (cut into strips)
2 eggs (beat)
one box of Gorilla Munch cereal (crush)
dip chicken strips in egg batter, roll in crushed cereal, deep fat fry in deep fat fryer

mustard honey dip:
2T mild Dijon mustard
2T honey
1.5 T sour cream
.5 T curry powder
(adjust any or all of the ingredients to taste)

bon appetit !

see you tomorrow for day 7 !