Friday, April 23, 2010

GF :: day 4

this is my gluten-free life


here are some GF laptop lunches i pack for my oldest son, the above photo is a taco lunch, with Tostitos (corn chips), taco meat (ground beef), sliced black olives, taco sauce, GF gingerbread man cookies, & water

canned pear half, black olives, hard boiled egg, sliced hard salami, baby carrots, GF brownie, & water

turkey sandwich with GF bread, puppy chow, string cheese, apple sauce, baby carrots, & V8

as for me, lunch is usually leftovers (from a previous dinner), canned soup, my favorite sandwich on toasted GF bread, or my favorite salad: lettuce, French vinaigrette, chicken (optional), crumbled feta cheese, craisins, & sliced almonds

i often bring this salad minus the chicken in a reusable container to the beach during the summer

what do your GF lunches look like?

see you on Monday for day 5 ! bon week-end !