Monday, January 14, 2013

Stripes and Polka Dots

striped dress
 For Project Run and Play Season 6 Week 2 the challenge is stripes and polka dots. This is a fun one, don't you think? I went looking around for inspiration and thought I'd share what I found, so here we go…
striped skirt
  • when I think of stripes, I think of: nautical, candy canes, rainbows, Cat in the Hat hat
  • stripe smocking
  • striped fabric is harder to find than polka dot fabric, when I think of striped fabric, the first fabric that comes to mind is seersucker, then shirting
  • If you can't find striped fabric, you could make your own by piecing
  • or paint stripes on fabric
  • so if you can't find the striped fabric you're looking for how about this idea? replace striped fabric with polka dot fabric, like for the sleeves of a Snow White dress
striped bodice
striped hat
 Polka dots
polka dot halter
polka dot sleeves in place of striped sleeves for Snow White
 Stripes and polka dots
polka dot dress with striped collar
handknit striped leggings with polka dot dress
handknit striped legwarmers and hat with polka dot dress
handknit cardigan with polka dot dress
  • romper
  • for the boys: striped button shirt with a polka dot tie
striped shirt with polka dot lined pants

polka dot lined pants
Happy sewing! Come back here tomorrow and see what I sewed with stripes and polka dots… surprise this week there will be no fancy dresses, shocking, I know… I plan to sew up a bunch of cotton dresses and cotton sundresses, mostly polka dots (I was going through my stash and took out all the quilting cotton fabrics with polka dots)… do you plan on sewing along with the stripes and polka dots challenge? If so, what do you plan on sewing? Also if you have any stripes/polka dot related projects, tutorials, pinterest boards please leave the link in the comments section, I'd love to check them out :)