Saturday, January 26, 2013

LEGO Valentine Mailbox Necklaces

 My son and I went to a pick-a-brick wall at a LEGO store to gather most of the supplies to make his class Valentine's exchange for this year. Here is how we made them.

LEGO Valentine Mailbox Necklace

Supplies needed:
  • 4 "letters": flat 2x1
  • Mailbox pieces: gray box with white door
  • The LEGO piece needed to make it into a necklace: Black Round Plate 2x2 W/Eye, Element ID: 237626
  • 28 inches of red silk cord (I would recommend 28-30 inches for the necklaces, nothing shorter than 28 inches otherwise it will be too tight to go around the head)
 Put the LEGO pieces together...

 Tie a knot at the ends of the red silk cord...
 Thread the cord through the eye of the necklace...

 The little 'letters' (Valentines, love letters, etc.) slide into the mailbox opening...
 Mailbox closed...
 Mailbox open...
 All lined up in a row...
 Packaging (made to look like a red 4x1 LEGO brick)

Supplies needed:
  • snack size resealable plastic bag
  • red card stock, 6 3/8" X 3", 4 circles
  • paper cutter
  • 1 1/4" circle paper punch
  • stapler
  • 3D foam mounting squares
 Fold red cardstock in half lengthwise, attach foam mounting squares on backs of 4 red circles.
 Staple red cardstock to top of snack size reclosable plastic bag, attach 4 red circles.
 On the back write Happy Valentine's Day and To and From.
 The LEGO pieces to make 29 necklaces filled up an $8.00 cup at a pick-a-brick wall at a LEGO store. I bought the silk cord at JoAnn Fabrics, enough to make 29 necklaces was about $10, using a 40% off JoAnn Fabrics coupon. The approximate cost was $0.62 for each LEGO valentine mailbox necklace, if you add the packaging it would cost only pennies more.

These would also make great birthday party favors, too.

If you are looking for more ideas… I was taking a walk down memory lane and trying to think of all the class Valentine's exchanges from the past. We have done homemade Valentine's for all the class Valentine's exchanges since they started in 2004. Unfortunately I didn't take photos every year, but here are a few photos I found...
2011 candy mazes

2010 lollipop holders

2008 Smarties holders

2007 lollipop holders
Happy Saint Valentine's Day !

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