Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dream Doll Quilt

{2011 Craft Books}

:: Pretty in Patchwork: Doll Quilts: 24 Little Quilts to Piece, Stitch, and Love by Cathy Gaubert
:: doll quilts are the perfect little patchwork project: they're miniature & oh so cute !
:: I sewed the dream doll quilt using mostly vintage sheets (leftover from this project)
:: making this got me thinking about the quilting/patchwork projects I've sewn in the past, I dug up my past ones:
:: from 2009 fabric basket, patchwork set, another patchwork set
:: from 2010 beach blanket, dress with quilted bodice
:: from 2011 patchwork pillow, girls charm pack skirt
:: looks like I average a couple/few quilting/patchwork projects per year (note to self: find more small cute patchwork projects to make)

Today is the last day of February, so thanks for following my 2011 craft book series this month. Maybe I'll see you around here next February for a 2012 craft book series...

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