Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sew Along Finale Look

 {Project Run & Play Season 3 Sew Along}

The Project Run & Play sew along participants were invited to create a signature look reflecting their style. I've named my ensemble Cute as a Button.

A few quick things about my style:
1) repurposing, refashioning, upcycling, basically giving clothing and/or textiles a second life
2) embellishments
3) sometimes vintage, sometimes sweet, sometimes French... I like to challenge myself & try new things
4) I'm inspired by my children, what they like, their favorite colors... sewing them dress up clothes, etc.

How I achieved this in my sew along finale look:
1) I repurposed a white dress (girls size 10) into a white shirt (girls size 4)
2) cute buttons on all 4 separates that tie the whole look together
3) I made adjustments to a vintage pattern McCall 6568 Child's Coat from 1946
4) my daughter's favorite color is pink

To create this Cute as a Button look I sewed with muted pink suede ~ it's super soft & a slate grey linen blend.

We live in Minnesota where wearing a jacket (or outerwear in general) is a given 3 out of the 4 seasons of the year, so I wanted to sew a coat. At a local vintage shop I found McCall 6568 Child's Coat from 1946 size 4 (original price was only $.35! I paid $2.00)

Adjustments made to pattern:

:: In 1946 it appears that little girls worn coats that were quite short ~ hitting about mid-thigh. I wanted a more modern look, having the coat fall to the knee. I did this by lengthening the coat 2 inches, not by just adding 2 inches at the hem, but by lengthening 6 different pattern pieces by 2 inches (& making the necessary adjustments) in between the waist & hem.

:: I added on seam side pockets.

:: I added several little pleats on the sleeves at the shoulders (giving a more feminine look).

:: I did not add the shoulder pads.

The cap pattern I used was Little Cap by Leila & Ben 

Adjustments made to pattern:

:: I cut off some of the bottom of the cap & in it's place added a band with a ribbon-like trim (made out of homemade bias tape) topped with one cute little button to one side of the brim (giving it a feminine look).

The rest of the items:
::slate grey drop waist skirt with messy pleats, 2 buttons on the side of the top band, elastic in the back of the skirt
:: repurposed white dress (girls size 10) to a white shirt (girls size 4) with grey fabric covered buttons & a pink flower pin (it's removable)
:: pink suede bow hair clip
:: white tights dyed grey
:: shoes spray painted grey
:: I assembled my own fabric covered buttons

A couple little notes to add...
:: I could have started Monday (Feb 6th), but I didn't start until Saturday (Feb 11th).
:: All along the way I changed my mind a gazillion times.
:: And in case anyone was wondering that's a 1952 Singer 301 black sewing machine.
:: I hope to have the details on how I put all of this together soon.

Be sure to check out all the signature looks at the Project Run & Play flickr group.