Thursday, February 9, 2012

Easy Breezy Blouse

{2011 Craft Books}

:: Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara
:: 26 projects all made by sewing straight lines ~ isn't that a great concept for a book !?!
:: hey, this is a surprise ~ some sewing for moi !   I fell in love with this fabric at the store & just had to buy some expecially because it was on clearance, then the challenge was to find the perfect project for it, which was accomplished once I came across the easy breezy blouse (it only cost just a little over $3 to make this blouse!)
:: this was my first time working with chiffon (that's an example of one of the reasons why I do a craft book month because I enjoy new challenges, trying new techniques, etc.)
:: as you may have guessed the blouse has lots of French seams & time consuming hems
:: many thanks to my 4 year old daughter who took the photos (using a tripod) of me modeling the blouse :)

Thanks for checking in and have a lovely day !