Tuesday, January 31, 2012

School Photo Dress

This past weekend I was given a sewing weekend ~ I sewed & sewed & sewed in my studio and I was in the zone... I finished this School Photo Dress AND started & completed 3 sewing projects (which I will blog about real soon). So after finishing 4 sewing projects I have a huge sense of accomplishment !!!

I am so embarrassed to say that this has been on my list of things to sew for way too long. I purchased the pattern well over a year ago & I was planning on sewing it last October during Kid's Clothes Week. Anyway, now it's finally done. The difficulty level on this sewing pattern is 3 out of 4 scissors, I believe that's the highest I've gone with Oliver+S patterns... I installed my first invisible zipper !  What really drew me to this design was the kangaroo pocket. It's hard to see but the fabric is a check pattern brown with pale pink. I would like to sew another one with completely different fabric as I'm such a fan of this design !

Thank you for dropping by and checking in on my humble little space.

PS OK this is the part where I share how much it cost to make, but unfortunately I don't have all the details since I bought the invisible zipper & lining fabric so long ago, I don't remember. But the fabric was free because it was a gift I received & the sewing pattern was $15.95 (btw, any Oliver+S patterns are totally worth the investment, so never hesitate to buy one!!!)