Thursday, January 12, 2012

Octopus Hoodie

UPDATED TO ADD: the Octopus Hoodie Tutorial is here
{Project Run & Play Season 3 Sew Along}

This week's challenge is Boys' Week. I've mentioned in the past that my 2nd son's favorite animal is the octopus... so there have been various octopus related projects for him... there was the:
:: knitted stuffed octopus
:: knitted octopus mittens
:: octopus themed 8th birthday party

So the octopus was my inspiration for the boy challenge this week. I came up with an octopus hooded pullover long sleeved shirt.
 I repurposed 3 boy shirts for this project: a long sleeved blue polo shirt & 2 long sleeved yellow t-shirts.

The hood is the head of the octopus & there are 8 octopus legs coming down, one on each sleeve, 3 in the front & 3 in the back. The 3 octopus legs in the front & the 3 octopus legs in the back form letters with octopus leg font that spell out his name !

My son's favorite color being yellow, I chose the octopus to be yellow & the undershirt to be blue for the water since they live in the ocean.

Tutorial on how I made this coming soon :)

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 His octopus collection... there are 8 ;)
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