Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Junebug Dress Pattern Remix

 UPDATED TO ADD: Jingle Bell Dress Tutorial is here
 Project Run & Play Season 3 is going on right now & this season there is a sew along!
The first week's challenge is the "I wish it was June, Bug" Dress or the Junebug Dress pattern remix... use this free pattern & make it your own...
Since it's January maybe I should rename this dress the "I wish it was January, Bug" Dress?
Anyway, the dress pattern was in size 2/3 & I needed size 4/5, so this was my first time drafting a pattern (I enjoyed the challenge & the experience).

Features (or how I made it my own):
:: repurposed a long (42 inch) silver dupioni silk skirt (label read 100% acetate, but I think that's just the lining) for the fabric
:: fully lined
:: kept the original invisible zipper from the back of the skirt for the back of the bodice, so I didn't need the button closures in the front
:: sewed on by hand 30 tiny silver jingle bells along the left & right edges of the front bodice flap detail
:: inverted pleats in the front, gathered in the back
:: dropped the waist down a bit
:: added a silver sequin removable cumber bund and made a matching silver sequin headband
:: sleeveless bodice (where I made my own bias tape from the leftover fabric)
 Oh, to have that skinny waist !
Tutorial on how to make this dress (with cumber bund & headband) coming soon :)
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