Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Hair

 {what I did during my summer vacation}

my daughter gets lots of compliments on her hair because it's soooo long, she's 4 years old & never had a haircut.  with such long hair & the summer heat & humidity it needed to be off the face if not up off the shoulders, so we've been having fun surfing the net to discover new hair styles & here's a few we've tried...

first photo is hippy hair #2
 bubbly ponytail
 long hair messy bun
 hippy hair
 lots ideas all over the web, but did you know there's even a book all about girls hair ?  it's got fun ideas, too...

I have caught up with blogging (meaning I'm done with my "what I did during my summer vacation" posts), yeah !  I feels good to be caught up... back to regular postings soon, until then (for those living in the USA) enjoy your Labor day weekend !