Monday, August 22, 2011

octopus themed 8th birthday party

 {what I did during my summer vacation}

in our family we have 2 summer birthdays... here was the first party we had this summer & be sure to come back tomorrow for the second...

so when your child's favorite animal is the octopus, you just have to throw them an octopus party for their 8th birthday, right ?

it was my second son who turned 8 and his favorite colors are yellow & red as you can probably guess from these photos
 simple homemade invitations & wall decorations

and lots of yellow, red, & octopus food:

hot dog octopus, banana octopus, octopus legs (white cheddar cheetos), potato chips, fruit kebobs, white cheddar cheese shell pasta, fish crackers, Swedish fish, yellow punch (in a fishbowl shaped punch bowl), yellow cupcakes.

more octopus ideas I came across: octopus bell pepper in dip, apple & grape octopus, and a craft of an octopus made out of a toilet paper tube.

PS next summer we're planning a LEGO theme... I'm already getting so many great ideas here, here, here, & here.