Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY painted chandelier

 {what I did during my summer vacation}

this was the pink chandelier that was at my daughter's princess Rapunzel party and it was super easy to do... I got the idea here
 in our kitchen dining room, this chandelier was way too big & formal for this space
 so I took this old ugly green faux-marbled and gold outdated chandelier, spray painted it with white primer, then spray painted it with pink paint. I told you it was easy !

 cost for this project:
chandelier $0
2 cans spray paint $7.96
which brings it to a total of $7.96

the chandelier was free because it came with the fixer-upper house that we purchased, but I recently saw a smaller gold chandelier at a garage sale for only $5 !
now the pink chandelier is hanging in my turquoise studio ~ when I look up in front of me as I'm typing this, there it is :)