Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Princess Rapunzel party

 {what I did during my summer vacation}

3 little dresses for 3 little girls... here is the second birthday party we celebrated this summer... my daughter turned 4 years old, has very long hair since she's never had a haircut & she enjoyed the Tangled movie, so a princess Rapunzel party is was...
 simple homemade invitations (I used a hot glue gun to attach the flowers to the braided ponytail)
 inside the invitations:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye. You are cordially invited to a Princess Rapunzel party to celebrate {girls name} 4th birthday. The party will be held at the Castle {last name} in the Kingdom of {city}, on {date} at {time}. Come and be a princess for a day with a princess dress-up and princess luncheon. If you would like you can come dressed in your best princess attire, but there will be princess dresses provided. Princess {girls name} can't wait to see all of her princess friends.
 4 pompoms for the 4 year old
 pink ruffle paper baking cups were bought at Michael's
 can you tell my daughter's favorite color is pink ?
 I sewed all the 3 girls a dress (this took me 1.5 weeks) using this free Rapunzel dress pattern (I blogged more about the dresses here)
 I knitted & wet felted my daughter this purple princess Rapunzel hat using this free felted princess hat pattern. I knitted a pink one for my daughter's first birthday :)

during the birthday party we did braids in the hair, painted finger & toe nails, putting on little flower stickers that go on nails, then we did a few little crafts. the girls were thrilled playing tea party in the shade of a big tree with a pink chandelier. it was a very hot day, so later after they put on their swimsuits they ran through the sprinkler & threw water balloons.
if you plan on throwing a princess birthday party here are more ideas:
from books:
Pink Princess Cookbook by Barbara Beery

 Pink Princess Cupcakes by Barbara Beery

on the web:
Rapunzel hair that could be used as a decoration

medieval princess bag

cardboard Rapunzel photo booth

Tangled Tower Cupcake

Tangled inspired birthday party

PS next summer we're planning a ballet theme, I plan to sew all the girls a tutu