Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jasper Vest and Jodhpur Pants

 kid's clothes week

My girl is modeling her newest outfit that I sewed her during Kid's Clothes Week. It's Clever Charlotte Jasper Vest & Jodhpur Pants... in size 5. Very satisfying results.
 I love the pleated side panels on the pants (which give a feel of European styling). I followed the method that Cindy from Siestas and Sewing did, by topstitching around the side panel and also where the upper and lower leg panels join. I really like how that gives the details more definition because these pants are all about the details.
 I was first drawn to this sewing pattern for the unique pants, but after sewing up the vest, I fell in love with it, too. The asymmetrical zipper vest has a slightly oversized collar and gathered back with buttoned tab. This vest is made up in some nice thick soft wool because where we live it gets cold. It has a silver metal fashion zipper and also 2 cat paw shank style buttons which are silver metal (and made in Italy). The wearer of this vest adores cats, so I was delighted to find these cat paw buttons.
 There were problems along the way with sewing up these pieces, but I'm super pleased with how they both turned out, so I guess all is well that ends well. This style pleases me so much I hope to sew some more in the future.
 Project details
Pattern: Clever Charlotte Jasper Vest and Jodhpur Pants (sizes 2T-8)
Size: 5
Modifications: The hem on the pants is .5 inch instead of 1 inch
Pants: khaki twill (school uniform bottoms are to be khaki, so she will be wearing these pants to school)
Vest: raspberry pink wool, lining in cotton gray with white polka dots is from the Captain Phillips Collection from Blue Hill Fabrics
 I also whipped up a little matching hair accessory, the pattern is the Oliver + S bow hair tie. (The long sleeve t-shirt she's wearing was store bought).

How did KCW go for you?