Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Barbie Reversible Circle Skirt Tutorial

 Last week when I was reorganizing my fabric stash, I came across some 7 inch diameter circles of fabrics. They were the centers of the circle skirts from the striped dress and plaid dress. I thought they would be perfect for circle skirts for a Barbie doll.

Barbie Reversible Circle Skirt Tutorial

What you need:
  • Two different pieces of fabric cut into a circle, I used 7 inch diameter circles (In order to get a longer skirt, cut out a bigger circle)
  • Rotary cutter with pinking blade
  • 1.25 inch diameter circle paper punch
  • Disappearing ink fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • 5/8 inch or 1 inch fold over elastic
 What you do:
  • With right sides together, sew .25 inch (or edge of presser foot) all around the outer edge of the circle.
  • Trim using a rotary cutter with pinking blade.

  • To create the 1.25 inch diameter circle paper pattern piece, use a 1.25 inch circle paper punch. (Or use a compass to draw a circle).
  • Place that circle pattern piece in the center of the fabric circle, trace it, and then cut it out.

  • Turn the circle skirt right side out and press with iron.
  • Take the fold over elastic and fold it over the raw edge of the waistline, sew around with multiple step zigzag stitch (it is suggested to use a 2 or 3 stitch length and a ball point needle). If you have never sewn with fold over elastic before I recommend watching a YouTube video to learn how.
  • Cut off the excess fold over elastic.

 Slip the reversible circle skirt on a Barbie.

Enjoy sewing your Barbie reversible circle skirts!