Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hanging Paper Pattern Pieces

 My sewing studio has become a complete mess! I was inspired by Sally's post from Daisy Chain Creations about organizing a sewing space. I want to go through everything and start from scratch.

This is so embarrassing, I've had paper pattern pieces sitting on top of the piano, some for over a year! These are the sewing patterns that are digital and I've printed them out on my printer or ones that I've traced with freezer paper from regular paper sewing patterns.

 I got these vintage metal hangers tiered with multiple clips from my mom's house years ago. Does anyone know what they were originally intended for? Anyway, I thought they would be the perfect thing to hang up all these paper pattern pieces, one clip per pattern. I have one hanger just for Oliver + S sewing patterns.

As you can see from the back of the hangers, they have many clips, 10, 12, so they can hold a lot of patterns. How convenient is that!?! So that's my tip for sewing pattern storage. (Note: to see how I store my paper sewing patterns that I've bought in a package, click here).

I feel more organized already… next up will be reorganizing the fabric stash, not exactly sure when that will be completed, but hopefully in the near future.

PS Speaking of sewing patterns, the winner of the Mara blouse pattern is Nele Combraz! Congratulations, you have already been emailed the pattern by Marte from Companie M.