Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mending Hole in Jeans

Hole mended in a pair of jeans

Hole in jeans before it was mended
 {2012 Craft Books}

Mend It Better: Creative Patching, Darning, and Stitching by Kristin Roach 

 Who knew that mending a hole in a pair of jeans could be so simple and not to mention fast? I didn't. Here's what I did to mend this pair of jeans: I took a small piece of dark denim (1"X2"), placed it under the hole, then sewed like crazy back and forth on the sewing machine (over that 1"X2" spot) ~ that's it! The jeans were repaired in only maybe 5 minutes?

I got this brilliant idea from Mend It Better which is such a practical book! It covers both the technical and the creative aspects of mending; from how to repair, upgrade and preserve clothes; to the skills of hemming, patching, darning, beadwork, decorative stitching. One whole chapter is devoted to just zippers, how to fix zippers and how to replace broken ones. Replacing elastic, solutions for stains... a lot is covered...

Here's a project of adding pockets to a pocket-free garment.

I enjoy the frugality of upcycling, so coming across this prom dress turned into a princess play dress put a smile on my face.

If you're like me and want to extend the life of your clothing, these ideas and skills are very helpful.

Happy mending!