Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Felt Owl Ornament

 {2012 Craft Books}

Craft-A-Day 365 Simple Handmade Projects by Sarah Goldschadt

What you need to know:
  • The author is Danish American and with her Scandinavian background she has filled this book with super-simple projects that are easy to make
  • Super thick craft book with 365 (a years worth of) projects that are organized into weekly themes
  • Lots of really cute little things to make with just regular craft supplies and tools which you already have at home
  • Add photos of your completed projects to the Craft A Day flickr group 
  • I made the felt owl ornament, I love that it is minimalistic, and it is in one of my current go to colors: gray. With just felt, hand sewing needle, thread, and stuffing, it definitely took less than one hour to create, from start to finish
  • This is a great craft book to take out and do projects with kids during their school breaks, weekends, or even with a group of students in a classroom
 Here's the author signing my copy :)