Friday, February 22, 2013


 {2012 Craft Books}

Storybook Toys: Sew 16 Projects from Once Upon a Time Dolls, Puppets, Softies & More by Jill Hamor

Want to learn how to make well-made dolls and toys? Then get your hands on this book. I can't say enough about this one... just look at the exquisite doll on the cover of the book! And be sure to check out the author's doll hair tutorial.

So back in December, my daughter and I were looking through fun and pretty crafty type books and while she was turning the pages of Storybook Toys she came across Cottontail (the bunny softie), found it to be so irresistible that she begged me to make her one. She kept asking, asking, and asking when I was going to make it for her and I always told her February. She later told me that I mostly sew her dresses so she was super excited about me sewing her this stuffed bunny. One day this month she informed me before going off to school for the day that she expected the bunny to be completed (started and finished) by the time she got home from school that same day! HA! Well, this bunny did not get done in one day, more like little bits over several days, anyway when she viewed the end result she had a look of disappointment on her face... she declared that the bunny was too tall. She wanted it to be exactly like it was in the photo, meaning the exact same size, so about 4 inches shorter! Oh well, maybe she'll still fall in love with it?

And by the way, did you happen to see the Cottontail version that Amy from nanaCompany created just a few days ago?

Happy weekend !