Thursday, October 18, 2012

Signature Boy's Look

ETA: Patchwork Blazer Tutorial is now available
 {Project Run & Play Season 5 Sew Along ~ Week #6 Signature Look}

For today I have half of my signature look for you... here is the boy's look and when I have the girl's look all done I'll share that, too.
 This is what my son will be wearing at Christmas this year, it includes 3 pieces and 1 accessory.
 I sewed him a deep red long sleeve skinny t-shirt that is made out of a very thin knit Nike athletic fabric, it's a bit shiny, perfect for Christmas. Also a pair of deep red skinny pants with an adjustable elastic waist. The pants are made out of some designer fabric by Adrianna Papel which also has a bit of shine to it.
It took me forever to complete the gray patchwork blazer (the first blazer I've ever sewn and probably my last since it was so much work). Actually what took me the longest amount of time (5 days) was making the patchwork fabric, it's made out of 2 gray wool suiting fabrics that I cut into strips, then sewed them together & topstitched, then cut again and sewed them together & topstitched, to make a 3 inch square patchwork fabric, then I was able to cut out the pattern pieces and start sewing it. The blazer has deep red stretch suede piping along the edges of both lapels, 3 deep red buttons down the front, and deep red (cotton) lining.

 And lastly an infinity scarf (made from an old gray sweater of mine that is 60% lambswool, 20% angora).
Like I said I still have the girl's signature look which will complement her brother's look, it will be a deep red Christmas dress :)
I'll be back sometime later with that, until then, take care !