Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Faux Mink Pullover Tutorial

 Faux Mink Pullover Tutorial (this mink pullover was part of the look that I created here)

How to make a little girl a mink pullover with only half yard of fabric (65" wide). I made the pattern for this pullover from scratch, taking extra care during the planning and cutting out to match up the lines with the the sleeves to the front and back pieces, I will attempt with photos to show you how I achieved that.

This faux mink pullover is A-line, it features 3/4 length raglan sleeves, and a funnel collar.

Finished measurements:
length (includes funnel collar): 16"
bottom width: 15.75"
sleeve length (includes funnel collar): 12.75"
funnel collar: length around: 21.75"; width: approximately 1.25"
 Make pattern pieces out of muslin (or thin cotton) following these measurements:
First let's start out with the front/back pattern piece... length: 16.5"
 front/back piece measurement: 5.75"
 front/back piece measurement: 13.75"
 front/back piece measurement: bottom width: 15.5"
 front/back piece measurement: 4.5"
 front/back piece measurement: 120 degree angle
 Now moving onto the sleeve pattern piece... length: 12"
 sleeve piece measurement: 5.5"
 sleeve piece measurement: 12.5"
 sleeve piece measurement: bottom width: 11.75"
 sleeve piece measurement: 4.75"
 sleeve piece measurement: 110 degree angle
 And finally for the funnel collar piece: length: 22.75" width: 3"

Get the raglan sleeve curve by tracing it from a raglan sleeve shirt from your child's closet or a raglan sleeve pattern like the O+S art smock or the O+S field trip raglan t-shirt, for example.

First of all, cut a 3" strip off one end of the fabric, you will have a 18"X3" section that will be used for the funnel collar.

Following the lines on the front of the mink fabric and using a permanent marker draw lines on the back of the mink fabric (see photo). Using a disappearing marker, draw lines on muslin pattern (following the same spacing of the lines on the mink fabric) and match up those lines on the mink fabric. See placement of pattern pieces in the photo to maximize space, the way that they are laid out is the only way I could make this pullover out of only half yard of fabric.

 On the sides of both the pattern pieces (the front/back piece & sleeve piece) I added half inch when cutting out to allow for seam allowances.

From the remaining scraps, cut out a piece that is 5.75"X3" sew that together with the 18"X3" piece using half inch seam allowance, now you will have a piece that is 22.75"X3". Now sew that into a loop using half inch seam allowance, now you will have a loop that is 21.75"X3". Fold it in half and you will have a funnel collar that is 21.75"X1.5". Set aside for later.

Sew sleeves to front and back pieces. Then sew the sleeve and side seams in one operation. Sew the funnel collar to the top of the pullover. (Half inch seam allowances were used, except when attaching the funnel collar on to the pullover, .25" seam allowance was used).

Hem the bottom and sleeves with your preferred hem finishing method (I sewed them by hand). Hem on the bottom was approximately 2" and hem on the sleeves approximately 1.5"

You are done !
 By the way, the half yard of faux mink cost me only $10!

To add the pink felted bow, see my tutorial here.
Happy sewing !

PS nest full of eggs turns 3 years old today :)