Thursday, October 25, 2012

Felted Bow Tutorial

 Felted Bow Tutorial (this felted bow was part of the look I created here)

Supplies needed:
:: wool sweater (I bought this 100% lambswool sweater at a rummage sale for around $1 or $2)
:: hand sewing needle
:: matching thread
:: scissors and/or rotary cutter used with a quilting ruler

:: first wet felt the wool sweater by washing it in the wash machine with hot water, add just a drop of detergent and throw a pair of tennis shoes in there, too
:: dry the wool sweater in the dryer
Note: by wet felting  the wool sweater it will become really thick and sturdy, also the edges won't fray
:: cut out one sleeve and a large section from the front
 :: from the front section cut out a piece that is 14 inches long and consists of two diamond like shapes which will go 1.75", 4", 1.75", 4", 1.75" wide
 :: bring the two ends of this piece together and with hand sewing needle and thread sew these ends together
 :: from the sleeve section, cut out a piece that is 17 inches long, that has 45 degree angles on each end, that is 2.75", down to .75", then back up to 2.75" wide (in a shape that is similar to what's pictured in the photo)
 :: from any of the remaining scraps cut out a piece that is 3.5" X 1.5"
 :: assemble the bow by taking that smallest piece and wrapping it around the 2 larger pieces, with hand sewing needle and thread sew together the 2 ends of the smallest piece (so that the ends of the smallest piece are in the back of the bow)
 All done !
Enjoy making felted bows !
And have fun putting them everywhere.