Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pillowcase Dress

 Day 13 ::  2010 Craft Books

Craft Hope: Handmade Crafts for a Cause by Jade Sims
 what you need to know...
:: help the need in the world with positive action
:: 32 mostly sewing projects, each project is matched with a specific charity, with alternative suggestions for local places to contribute the item
:: free patterns from the book: I Spy Quilt & Red Fleece Mittens
:: helpful tips on how to give locally and globally, how to give thoughtfully and appropriately, and how to empower those you are helping
:: visit the Craft Hope website 
:: add photos of your finished projects from this book to the Craft Hope Flickr group 

this was my absolute favorite crafty type book from 2010

my oldest son & i made the thank-you cards & stamp

from my lovely vintage pillowcase stash, i sewed the pillowcase dress, 9 actually, i added 5 more handmade dresses, so i sent a total of 14 dresses to Dress A Girl Around the World ~ their goal was to have 10,000 dresses by the end of October 2010 & i do believe they did reach that goal :)

(note to self ~ from this book make: soft cloth doll, simple-knot newborn cap, patchwork pillow, bandana pants, flowered purse)

PS speaking of giving for a cause, giving food to the hungry has never been easier...  i discovered the hunger site over a decade ago & have been going there everyday since ~ click daily to give free food

see you tomorrow of day 14 !