Monday, February 7, 2011

Girls Charm Pack Skirt

 Day 5 ::  2010 Craft Books

Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time by Deborah Moebes
 what you need to know...
:: this book is different, it focuses on process (sewing & learning new sewing skills) rather than the finished product
:: if you were to do all the 11 projects in this book, you would learn all the skills you need to do sewing
:: many step-by-step photos making every sewing step very clear
:: comes with a CD with printable patterns (i imagine this will be the norm in the future or at least i hope)
:: have a peek inside the book & learn more about it with the Stitch by Stitch book trailer
:: add photos of your completed projects to the Stitch by Stitch Flickr group
:: visit Deborah's etsy shop
:: you must get this book !
 so here you have the girls charm pack skirt that i sewed for my daughter.  have you ever bought a charm pack (5" squares in a pack of 42)?  this was the first time that i've bought & used a charm pack.  i came across this vintage sheet inspired fabric called DREAM ON by URBAN CHIKS for moda & fell in love with it.  to make this skirt there was the sewing together of 88 fabric squares.  gathering was a technique that was involved in this project, i tried a new to me gathering method ~ zigzag stitch over cording, have you ever tried that before?  i'm so glad i learned it because i discovered that's the way to do gathers for me
see you tomorrow for day 6 !