Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn

 Day 6 ::  2010 Craft Books

Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece: Custom-Color Your Favorite Fibers with Dip-Dyeing, Hand-Painting, Tie-Dyeing, and Other Creative Techniques by Gail Callahan
 what you need to know...
:: learn to create a safe dye studio in the kitchen using standard kitchen equipment
:: dyeing can be done in a: microwave oven, stovetop kettle, crockpot, traditional oven, electric frying pan ~ every method is covered
:: follow the recipes & change plain yarn into something colorful
:: this can be a fun project to do with kids
:: it's really not that messy
:: all the different types of dyes & different techniques are presented
:: a fun new skill for anyone who loves yarn
:: the last chapter has show-off patterns, check out the 8 knitting patterns on Ravelry
 i took some wool yarn...
 and some Kool-Aid...
 using the microwave method...
 made some blue yarn
 from this yarn i knitted a tiny tea leaves cardi

someday i would like to try dyeing with turmeric (the spice), looks like it makes a beautiful mustard yellow

see you tomorrow for day 7 !