Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Plaid Dress

 Plaid Dress Free Pattern and Tutorial

The Plaid Dress is a sleeveless drop waist dress with a circle skirt. It has a v-neck back with an invisible zipper and a hook and eye closure. It is fully lined with bias binding on the skirt/bodice seam for a nice finishing touch.
 What you need:

 What you do: (All seam allowances are .5 inch)
  • Cut out the bodice pieces in the plaid fabric.

  •  Cut out the bodice pieces in the lining fabric. Also cut 1 yard of bias tape, 1.75 inches wide for the 1 inch bias tape maker.
  •  With right sides together sew the bodice together at the shoulder seams, cut seams down to .25 inch, and press seams open. Repeat this for the bodice lining. With right sides together sew the 2 bodices together around the neckline, then along the 2 armholes.
  •  Trim seam allowances down to .25 inch, clip curves, then turn right side out and press.
  •  Sew the side seams.
  •  Install the invisible zipper, hand sew the lining to the invisible zipper tape, and attach the hook and eye above the invisible zipper.
  •  Cut out the circle skirt (10 inches in length or you could make it longer or shorter) in the lining fabric. Lay the lining circle skirt on top of the plaid fabric with right sides together, pin around the circle, then cut out. Sew these pieces together and clip edges all around.
  •  Turn the circle skirt right side out and press.
  •  With right sides together sew the circle skirt to the bodice.
  •  Sew the bias tape around the skirt/bodice seam. All done!
The plaid fabric I used was Plaiditudes Collection Fabric- Cotton Heather, Pink, Grey & Magenta from JoAnn, it's super soft and was an absolute dream to work with. And I thought the gray with white polka skirt lining would make a playful addition.

Have fun sewing your plaid dress!