Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Art Museum Girl Look

 Continuing with the Oliver + S fall pattern preview…
 Today it's the Oliver + S Art Museum Vest + Trousers (available in sizes 6M-12) and it isn't just for boys, it's for girls, too.
 This one is the most difficult and time consuming pattern to sew up from the 3 new fall patterns. I mentioned that the Library Dress was my personal favorite design (being so cute). But I must say that the Art Museum Vest + Trousers is the best sewing pattern due to the fabulous construction techniques and impeccable details. (Plus you get more for your money since you can use it for both boys and girls). What you will learn how to do: darts, welt pockets, faux fly, belt loops, finishing the waistband facing with bias binding. Everything you need to know is explained step-by-step. You should have heard me in my sewing studio right after I saw the result of my first ever welt pocket, I squealed with delight!
 In the end you are going to have a very well made vest and pair of trousers, I tell you, that is for sure! There are a couple of places where you stitch in the ditch, a detail making a very polished look.
 The trousers took more time than the vest. I did all 4 welt pockets, the first welt pocket was the slowest, then they got quicker.
 You know me, I'm mostly a dressmaker, I've only sewn my son a few basic pants. So if I can sew up these trousers, you can, too!
 By the way, one thing that I found helpful was that there are a lot of close up photos of the finished trouser details here, so you can refer back it to in order to see what it is suppose to look like in the end.
 I went with a no frills version, but for a girl how about a dressy version for Christmas? With a red velvet vest and black tuxedo trousers (having a gold stripe down the sides of the legs), I was thinking of this especially for more of the tween group (ages 8-12).
 Project Details
Pattern: Oliver + S Art Museum Vest + Trousers (difficulty level: 2 out of 4 scissors)
Size: 5
Modifications: None, I sewed this completely by the pattern.
Trousers: Khaki lightweight corduroy
Vest: Soft mauve cotton twill
Vest lining: Heather Ross Briar Rose, Calico in pink
Trousers: 1, .75 inch brown button from my stash
Vest: 5, 5/8 inch pink buttons
Inspiration: I went very practical with this one. My daughter goes to a school where there is a uniform. The students are to wear solid color khaki bottoms, so she will be wearing these trousers to school. While I was at the fabric store buying the khaki corduroy, I came across the soft mauve cotton twill and thought that would make a complimentary vest. Then later at home I placed the Briar Rose Calico in pink up next to the vest fabric, it matched up well and was really cute, so that became the lining.
 (In case anyone was wondering, the white t-shirt my daughter is wearing was store bought).
 For my daughter's Oliver + S fall handmade clothing collection each look had some pink. I promise there will be no pink in the following one because up next I'll be sharing my tween boy's look using the Art Museum Vest + Trousers sewing pattern (maybe I saved the best for last? You'll have to see for yourself).
Library Dress, Playtime Dress, Art Museum Vest + Trousers