Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cat and Art Birthday Party

 Another summer, another birthday party... this year the birthday girl wanted a cat + art birthday party.

So we made our own invitations... I had my teenage son lightly sketch an outline of a cat in pencil on watercolor paper, then my daughter painted them in with watercolor paint.
 White paper bags were decorated with a cat by simply tracing a cat image found here.
 The white paper bags were for holding the piñata candy. I got the idea for making a cat piñata here. And got the idea to use a beach ball here.
 My husband did papier-mâché over 2 beach balls, the second beach ball was one step behind the other just in case the first one did not work out (that way we would not have to scramble at the last minute trying to make another piñata from scratch). The first beach ball piñata did end up working out, so now we have another beach ball piñata for another time.
 My teenage son painted the piñata and gray felt ears were glued on. Then it was filled with 5 pounds of candy!
 Each of the 10 kids got to whack it with a stick at least once. The piñata was a big hit with the kids!
 A dozen gray cat cupcakes were baked and decorated by linnycakes.
 Simple cat plates were made by taping cat shaped paper ears to a paper plate.
 White paper was wrapped around an apple juice box, again decorated by tracing the cat image found here. The cat cookies we bought at Trader Joe's.
 My husband drew cat faces on balloons with black permanent marker.
 Going home with each child was a cat zipper pouch. I sewed 10 of these using the Straight Stitch Society feed the animals coin purses sewing pattern. 6 in pink, 2 in orange...
 The orange ones were lined in white with golden stars... the pink ones in pink with white polka dots.
 One blue cat...
 lined with gray with white polka dots...
 and one gray one...
 lined with gray with white polka dots.
 And it would not be a cat + ART birthday party without art... the party took place at an art center and an art teacher read the book "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" then all the kids used watercolor paper, cray pas, and watercolor paints to create their art project.
 And here is the birthday girl's masterpiece.
Thanks for coming to the party with us!

PS If you are looking for more birthday party ideas, in the past we have had Princess Rapunzel, Ballerina, Octopus, and Yellow LEGO themed ones.