Friday, July 26, 2013

Color Wheel Dress Tutorial

 A dress with a pieced circle skirt inspired by the 6 main colors of the color wheel (free pattern and tutorial)
 Supplies needed:

  • Purple Rose Party Dress pattern size 4
  • 1.5 yards white cotton fabric
  • 13 inches by 13 inches of 6 different solid colored cotton fabrics: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
  • 7-9 inch invisible zipper
  • bias binding
  • hook and eye closure

 Step-by-step instructions:
First make a pattern for the 6 wedges. On a large piece of paper draw a circle with 3.5 inch radius and draw another circle around that 10 inches away.
 With a protractor make a 60 degree angle and draw lines from the center point of the circle out to the edge of the largest circle.

  On the 2 sides of the wedge add .25 inches for the seam allowances.
 Cut off the inner 3.5 inches.
 Now you have your pattern which will be used to cut out the 6 different colored pieces of the color wheel.

 Sew together the 6 skirt pieces using .25 inch seam allowance, then press seams open.
 Cut out the circle skirt lining, by placing the color wheel circle skirt on top of white fabric, right sides together.
Sew lining and color wheel circle skirt together using .25 inch seam allowance.
Using pinking shear/zigzag rotary cutter, trim seam allowance all around the circle.
 Turn right side out and press.
 Cut out 2 bodices (the 2nd one is for the lining). Assemble bodices using .5 inch seam allowance (for more help refer to the Striped Dress). Attach bodice to the color wheel circle skirt using .5 inch seam allowance. Sew on bias binding to the bodice/skirt seam. Install invisible zipper. Add bias binding to the armholes and neckline. Attach a hook and eye closure above the invisible zipper.
 Put it on the girl and let her twirl!