Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Raspberry Pink Sunki

Sew and tell here today. We already have snow here in Minnesota, so this long sleeve wool dress is nice and cozy :)

THE PATTERN// Figgy's Sunki pocket dress and leggings. Difficulty level ~ intermediate which I feel is right on, it's not beginner, but it's not too difficult (and not too time consuming). I really like this design, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, it's so unique and I already have plans to sew at least 2 more.

THE FABRIC// For the pocket dress: super thick raspberry pink wool which was an absolute dream to work with and for the side panels gray quilted linen (remember the gray quilted linen vest?) For the leggings: thin gray knit.

THE SEWING// I sewed size 4/5. For the pocket dress: they offer 3 different sleeve lengths (which is really nice) and I chose to go with the long sleeve on this one. My daughter has gotten used to nice deep pockets that I've been putting in her dresses lately like this one and this one, so she was a little disappointed that these pockets weren't very deep. This pocket tutorial is very helpful. The dress is not fully lined, but the wool I used is super thick, so no worries. The pattern called for a regular zipper, but I prefer invisible, so I might consider using an invisible zipper in future Sunki's that I sew. For the leggings: maybe they are a little too long on my daughter, they look a little bunchy don't you think? I don't have much experience with sewing with knits, but they had some very helpful advice about what sewing machine needle & settings to use. During the first wear there was already a seam coming apart, not sure why, but should be easy to fix.

I want to try to sew all of my daughter's Sunday School dresses this school year. It goes through April and this is her last year. So far I've sewed The Little Blue Dress, the Gabriella Dress Knock Off, and this raspberry pink Sunki... more Sunday School dresses to sew...

Happy Tuesday everyone !