Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lingonberry Headband Tutorial

 Lingonberry Headband Tutorial (this was part of a look I created here)

Supplies needed:
:: 6.5"X2" green wool felt
:: several red ball buttons
:: thin elastic store bought headband
:: red thread
:: hand sewing needle
:: disappearing ink marker
:: First with paper and pencil, draw your pattern, creating a leafy design with a heart shape at each end. Do this within a rectangle that is 6.5"X2"
 :: With disappearing ink marker, trace your pattern on to the green felt.

 :: With scissors, cut out your green leafy design.
 :: With hand sewing needle and red thread sew each red button through the green felt and the headband (make sure to made nice big knots and sew each button on separately this will prevent each button from popping off as the headband does get stretched a bit each time it is put on).
 All done !
Enjoy wearing your new lingonberry headband.