Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yellow LEGO birthday

 We celebrated 2 summer birthdays again this summer... Looking for kid birthday ideas? Last year we threw a boy octopus party (for an 8 year old) and a girl Princess Rapunzel party (for a 4 year old).

This year for the birthday boy it was a yellow LEGO theme (his favorite color and his favorite toy), here's how we celebrated...

The invitations were yellow card stock and made to look like the top of a LEGO brick. Super easy to make using 6 circles from  a 1 1/4" circle paper punch and attaching them with 3D foam mounting squares.
 We decorated by putting up 9 paper LEGO minifigures on the wall. We took this LEGO minifigure template, enlarged it, printed out 2 halves, taped them together, traced them onto yellow construction paper, then cut them out.
 The LEGO minifigure head jars were baby food jars...
 spray painted with yellow paint...
  and black permanent marker used to add faces. Inside each jar was a LEGO minifigure. The jars were used for playing a game, just like an Easter egg hunt, we hid them out in our yard and the kids went hunting for them.
 Yellow LEGOs were used to build the fork holder.
 Yellow LEGO minifigure candies were made using a LEGO minifigure ice cube tray and yellow candy melt.
 From a local candy store we purchased candy building blocks...
 that you can actually build with.
 We baked a gluten-free LEGO brick cake in a bread loaf pan, using a GF yellow cake mix, 6 GF vanilla sandwich cookies, and yellow frosting.

 Juice boxes were served, to make these, take 4" X 8" yellow construction paper, with double sided adhesive wrap the paper around the juice box. Cut out 2 circles using a 1 1/4" circle punch and attach them to the front side of the juice box using glue dots.
 The gift bags were yellow lunch bag sized paper sacks with 8 circles, cut out using a 1 1/4" circle punch and attached with glue dots.

 The kids played a game of guess how many LEGO minifigures are in the jar, the prize was a LEGO minifigure.
 Our pinata was inspired by this, it was thrown together very quickly using a cardboard box, cardboard toilet paper tubes, yellow artist's tape, and yellow spray paint. It did not look perfect, but I don't even think the kids even noticed as they were more interested in the candy that was inside :)

 Supply list:
Minifigure Ice Cube Tray
LEGO minifigure head storage bin
LEGO brick alarm clock
LEGO brick lunch boxes
LEGO brick storage containers
See you tomorrow for the second summer birthday party!