Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PR&P Season 5 Challenges

The Project Run & Play Season 5 challenges were announced today...

Have you seen them yet? Check them out!
Week #1-- Pattern Remix--"It's okay to be Bias Skirt Tutorial"
Week #2-- Fashion Icon Challenge
Week #3-- White Sheet Challenge
Week #4-- Boy's Wear
Week #5-- Holiday Wear
Week #6-- Signature Look

I have so many ideas I cannot wait to share with you. I think I'm most excited about Boy's Wear, which will be Week #4, I have an awesome look that I hope you will like, too, but I have to get enough votes during the first 3 weeks to be able to make it to Week #4. Although I do have to say that I'm a little scared about drafting pants, any advice on drafting pants?? Please share :)

As far as photographing my creations, I'm hoping to have the modeling photo sessions at different locations in my area, to give you a tour of where I live (Twin Cities area of Minnesota).

So I'd love to hear what are your thoughts about the themes each week? Which one are you most looking forward to? Do you plan to sew along during Season 5? If so, do you have all the updated measurements for your child(ren)?

I guess I better get started cutting bias strips.

Alright everyone, now it's time to "make it work"...