Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring 12 Ideas House

 {this is not my house}

Are you ready for another tour of the Bachman's Ideas House?  If you'd like, you can visit some from the past: spring 10, summer 10, holiday 10, spring 11, summer 11 & holiday 11.

This house was built in the early 1920's & for Spring 2012 it was decorated with a Relaxing Renewal theme, with soft, muted tones of peachy pinks, calm blues, light greens and crisp whites. There are hundreds of creative home décor and entertaining ideas that burst with spring energy and renewal. It's all about relaxing, organizing, getting together with friends and watching things grow.... enjoy the tour...

On the porch: vintage theater seats decorated with burlap letters that spell 'grow'
 metal sink used as a potting bench, egg shells as seed pots, toothpicks & page flags as plant markers
 In the dining room: hanging bottles with jewels added to lampshade to create chandelier, window valance made from table runner & clip-on tablecloth weights
 tall glass candle holders made from upside down vases, beans as decorative candle holder filler

 striped wallpaper made from tree wrap, hand-carved Hungarian dough bowls hung as wall art & used as planters
 In the sunroom: tall frosted glass vase turned into a table lamp
 oversized metal paperclip used as a napkin ring
 church pew used as table bench, crates used as rustic vase holders

 In the living room: coffee table made from a roof vent cover & mirror on a laundry basket base

 decorative tin panels, fabric, & lights added to built-in cabinets
 statement wall piece made from vintage ceiling tins & painted ceiling medallions with mirrors

 In the kitchen: newspaper as wallpaper & cupboard decor, swinging restroom doors used for wall decor & organization
 radiator turned into a shelving unit

 wire basket & plants as window valances

 In the main floor bathroom: collage of vintage-inspired mirrors
 In the stairwell: wall decor made from framed birch poles, permanent stems & canvases

 In the boy's bedroom: grass hut bed loft made from scrapped wood & thatching, grass path floor rug to bed made from grass mat
 light string made from coconuts, bamboo pieces cut into dresser handles,
 turtles with magnets as tic-tac-toe wall game
 elephant outside the window
 In the girl's bedroom: baby bathtub used for toy storage
 garden gate with metal flowers as headboards, hardware cabinet as nightstand

 magnet boards made from cabinet doors
 spools used as drawer pulls, storage bin labels made from floral candle rings & stenciled fabric
 quilt hoops as wall frames & bulletin board

 children's chairs used as wall shelves

 In the upstairs bathroom: permanent greens fashioned as a window valance, wine bottles filled with colored water & permanent floral stems placed in window
 In the stairwell: vase mobile made from bundled birch
 In the den: wheelbarrow cart as a coffee table, lamp shade frame embellished with keys
 windowpanes turned into decorative bulletin board
 decorative papier-mache globes
 inspirational bulletin board made from an oversized frame & layered burlap, coin purses as wall-mounted storage pockets
 barn door hung on wall slides to hide TV
 wall shelves made of books
 hand-painted window drapes made with decorative paint roller (wood grain print)
 In the master bedroom: headboard made from a wall painting & garden trellis, salvaged tin nightstands, fireplace screen & vintage photos as wall art

 window frame as standing mirror
 writing desk made from sawhorse legs & salvaged wood with postcards under glass, vase trio as pencil holder
 jewelry organizer made from wall frames & iron twigs
 ceiling light fixture made from garden orb & permanent floral stems

I hope you get a chance to visit this Spring 2012 Ideas House, it's open until April 15th, 2012

PS Summer 12 Patio Ideas Center will be June 16-July 15, 2012
Fall 12 Ideas House Sept 13-Oct 7, 2012
Holiday 12 Ideas House Nov 8-Dec 16, 2012