Thursday, March 22, 2012

1910s Tea Gown

 Costume sewing again... this time it was a 1910s tea gown for a teenage girl who performed in The Music Man Junior musical which takes place in the summer of 1912. This is another musical that my oldest son took part in & I volunteered to help out with costumes (again). Another learning experience for me as I've never sewn a dress with this construction before, the pattern is from Sense and Sensibility (when I have more time I want to have a look around & see all their other patterns...) Anyway, this tea gown was made out of lilac eyelet, purple cotton, complete with an invisible zipper (shhh, don't tell anyone that invisible zippers didn't exist back in 1912, but that's what the pattern called for & the back of the gown looks lovely with it). The gown fit perfect (!) which is always a joy since no alterations were needed & looked beautiful under the theatre lights.