Thursday, December 9, 2010

St Lucia program

 C & i went to a St Lucia program at a castle where we met some friends
C wore this dress with a red ribbon... we enjoyed listening to a story
 then together we made a St Lucia crown
 if you would like to make something similar, you will need: green card stock approximately 22" by 7", scored at 1.5", 3.5". 5.5", white craft foam 4.5" by 1", small pieces of yellow craft foam, large glue dots
 to make it: fold the green card stock in half, cut up to the score line at intervals 1" apart, fold card stock so that triangles form, to form a ring tuck one tube inside of the other, attach yellow flames to candles with glue dots, then attach candles to crown with glue dots (the candles could be attached to the inside or outside of the crown, but if they are attached to the outside, some of the card stock needs to be cut off)
 & then together we made Lucia buns out of Crayola Model Magic (you could make these out of Play-Doh, too)
 after the program we went to the play area
 in the play kitchen we pretended to bake & eat Lucia buns (which were carved out of wood)
 C decorated a child sized Christmas tree with Swedish ornaments, she had so much fun that day that she wanted to back the next day !

Happy St Lucia day on December 13th !