Wednesday, December 8, 2010

St Lucia crown/wreath centerpiece

i was inspired by the St Lucia celebrations that they have in Sweden & wanted to make a crown/wreath.  i think what i created will make a nice centerpiece for the Swedish smorgasbord that we plan on having this next week.
this St Lucia crown/wreath centerpiece is super simple to make...
supplies needed:
:: 6-inch wreath, i got this one from Michael's (for only $0.79!)
:: 4 white wooden chime candles, can be bought here
:: green felt
:: tear drop shaped leaf pattern
:: glue gun
 how you make it:
:: with tear drop leaf pattern, cut out 24 leaves from the green felt
:: with a glue gun, put glue on the bottom of the wooden chime candle & tuck it into the wreath so the candle will stand up straight
:: with glue gun, attach all the 24 leaves around the wreath
Happy St Lucia day on December 13th !