Thursday, November 26, 2009

day 19 repurposing a jar

day 19 repurposing a jar :: advent calendar 2

this advent calendar uses the PLAYMOBIL nativity & wise kings set ($20) ---- and it's an advent calendar that turns into a nativity scene. i took all the PLAYMOBIL pieces from the set & divided them into 24 parts, placed into 24 different jars. i painted the jar lids with chalkboard paint, using chalk i wrote the numbers 1-24 on the lids (number 24 has baby Jesus inside). each day a jar is opened those PLAYMOBIL pieces are added to the nativity scene & on December 24th the nativity scene is complete.

see you tomorrow for day 20 !


  1. this is a very lovely and ingenious idea. and you have very good and patient kids if they don't try to take a peek at what's inside next :-)

  2. Super cute! What a great idea for advent calendar surprises!

  3. Too cute! I'm DYING to have a kid friendly nativity set!