Monday, November 23, 2009

day 16 repurposing a jar

day 16 repurposing a jar :: craft storage

i use lots & lots of jars for my craft storage, it's a fun challenge to find the perfect jar for a specific craft supply or crafting tool... that's a HUGE pickle jar (in the above photo) filled with vintage craft goodies. a few weeks ago i went to a vintage shop i'd never been to before & i bought almost all their vintage ric rac, so now all this vintage ric rac is sharing the pickle jar with bits & pieces of vintage lace & tatting (i added a lavender sachet to help with the pickle smell)

on one of the IKEA shelves in my studio: one jar for vintage knitting needles, one jar for little balls of vintage thread, one jar for vintage wooden spools, & one jar for vintage crochet hooks

in a small white cabinet: 3 shelves with 3 different sizes of Bonne Maman jars all filled with craft goodies

these 2 smaller sizes of Bonne Maman jars are just adorable ! they are the perfect size for teeny tiny craft goodies... one small ball of thread, small buttons, one small spool of thread, small safety pins and surprise ! yes, those are googly eyes - my kids like to craft, too :-)

more vintage craft goodies...

and even more vintage craft goodies

oh, wow ! these are really old... i made the tops of these jars back in 4th & 5th grade summer school ! (where all of my crafting began - look for a future post all about that)

lots of ribbon, button, & prima flower storage

tons & tons of vintage buttons !

see you tomorrow for day 17 !


  1. Wow, everything looks so beautiful and organized. Such a neat way to display and get together all of those notions

  2. Your supplies look delicious! I love your series here. I use jars for just about everything myself. I am coveting your button collection too :)

  3. Of course I love each and everyone of these!!!

  4. I am enjoying all your posts but this is my favourite so far. Pretty sewing supplies on lovely shelves in sweet jars! Perfect!

  5. Love these, especially the gingham jelly jars! I tend to use mine mainly for spices and food items.